Our blue forest

In the Pine Barrens

Inspired by the forest floor, where wild blueberries have always grown, we have designed an organic growing medium which allows healthy microbes to thrive. The microbes form a symbiosis with the roots of our blueberry plants (as they would in the forest), helping them to absorb more nutrients than microbe-less plants. So, our blueberries are packed with a wide range of macro and micro nutrients, thanks to some helping hands from their microscopic partners.

These microbes sequester carbon dioxide, and fend off harmful pathogens. By embracing the complex structures of the forest ecosystem, our plants thrive in a healthy environment.


We farm with no chemical inputs, and our native ecology can flourish because of it. Soil samples have shown increased microbial activity in the native, unfarmed ground soil over the past 6 years - indicative of healthy soil, and a regenerating ecosystem!


While conventional blueberry farms only grow around 1,300 plants per acre, we cultivate 4,000 plants per acre. This high density farming complements the local ecosystem, offering more space for wilderness alongside our crop.


Each plant is rooted in our sustainably-sourced organic growing medium. Using drip irrigation, we can water our plants precisely, reducing water consumption by 50% compared to conventional farms.


Tradition teaches us a hands-on approach. That’s why our experienced harvest team handpicks our berries. We carefully assess ripeness and form in each berry, selecting the highest quality off the branch.